Web Development

We create powerful content. Your website will grow your business and sell your great products.

Embedded Solutions

We are aware of sensors and microcontrollers in our day-to-day life. We automate your garden, house and your life.

Branding and Marketing

We create powerful brands and great stories. Efficient tactics, super-star strategies will reinvent your business.

Choose your bullstamp

Our company creates value beyond customer expectations: we create websites for your business, we touch the soul of people with your story and help you sell your great products.

We have 3 levels of services for growing your business, 3 bullstamps as we like to call them: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Usually we start with a basic package and we customize it according to the customer requirements.


Why are we doing this? We, as a team want to put our knowledge together in order to produce value for customers. If you succeed, and you will, we are also part of the Great Story. The story of making the world a better place, everyone of us contributing with their very best.

How are we doing this? By providing our expertise to your business, by creating a story that will reach to the customers through your website, by pushing the limits and exploring new worlds together.

Our values

We want our relation with the customer to be based on trust, respect, performance and professionalism. This is what our team aims for and so will be your project with us.